Alice Davis

San Francisco, CA

Saturday, May 1, 2021


Attached to this letter you will find my resume and a list of links to relevant work samples. Should you choose to set up an interview with me about a position with {{companyName}}, I will make myself available any time that you would like. To schedule an interview please call or text (601) 255-4393 or email ([email protected])[mailto:[email protected]]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Alice Davis

Alice Davis

San Francisco, CA


  • Contribute to secured and anonymized, in-browser communications and data sharing platforms built on open web standards to amplify voices of marginalized communities
  • Mentor members of marginalized groups as they pursue commerce as web developers and entrepreneurs
  • Become a mentor on a high performance team while advancing from Senior to Lead

Computer Skills

Languages & Software: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Redux, Virtual DOM, Node.js, Express, Hapi, Koa, Mocha, Tape, Zuul, Webdriver.io, Cypress, npm, yarn, lerna, Webpack, Parcel, Snowpack, Grunt, Gulp, Make, Git, SQL, Scala, Spark, Travis, CircleCI, Jenkins, TeamCity, Nginx, Docker, Kubernetes, TLS, GPG, PKI

Code Examples: https://github.com/diffalot


Technical Lead, Instructor, and Teaching Assistant2020 to 2021
Code Tenderloin, San Francisco, CA
  • Guided group of high school students in developing Black Health Matters website for The Morgan State Spokesman
  • Taught class of 20 high school students HTML and CSS as part of the city of San Francisco’s Opportunities for All Summer program
  • Assisted instructor in class of 150 high school students by pair programming with individual students
  • Created laptop invetory system
  • Prepared donated laptops for student and facilitator use
Senior Software Engineer2019 to 2020
Medium.com, San Francisco, CA
  • Scoped and delivered large surface area features on a high performance team during migration from monolithic full stack Node.js application to React, GraphQL, legacy APIs, and microservices
  • Wrote specs for features and a/b tests
  • Implemented author payment algorithms based on reader engagement as Scala and Spark data pipelines
  • Developed back end applications in Node.js and Express
  • Developed front end applications in React
Software Engineer2017 to 2018
OpenTable, San Francisco, CA
  • Developed front end applications in React and Redux
  • Developed back end applications in Node.js and Express
  • Created npm libraries for front and back end applications to consolidate *e business logic
  • Maintained TeamCity to Mesos build and deploy pipeline
  • Created TeamCity build pipeline for Lerna projects
  • Introduced semantic versioning of npm libraries with automatic changelog generation and versioning
  • Created Builder archetypes to share build scripts among multiple projects
Technical Co-founder2016 to 2017
Brydge4Schools.com, Jackson, MS
  • Designed and built UI for parents to respond to prompts from teachers for at home learning
  • Determined specifications for backend API
  • Prepared Pro Forma business model for accelerator applications
  • Packaged application for App Store and Play Store using Cordova
  • Analyzed user activity to guide feature development
  • Devised user retention methods that lowered user attrition by 60%
  • Constructed build pipeline
  • Managed Heroku applications
Front End Developer2015 to 2016
EdgeTheory, Ridgeland, MS
  • Developed customer facing and internal applications using Angular backed by Sinatra
  • Refactored and modularized existing JavaScript code base
  • Maintained front end Jenkins builds
  • Built and maintained continuous integration testing via GitLab-CI
  • Performed user studies and developed wireframes of new products
  • Interviewed users for design feedback before product build
  • Launched real-time message deployment dashboard providing visualization of core business services to non-technical departments
  • Created docker-compose container sets for testing and development of internal and public facing microservices
  • Trained co-workers on front end testing methodology and practice
  • Guided co-workers during switch to branch based git workflow
HTML, CSS, and Javascript Developer2013 to 2015
Light Corporation, Jackon, MS
  • Developed web app prototypes using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS packaged with Cordova
  • Developed web applications in Ruby, PHP, and Node.js
  • Configured and maintained secure e-mail and web virtual servers
  • Developed collaborative video editing and transmedia storytelling applications
  • Managed multimedia computer systems
Community Manager2009 to 2013
Kaltura, New York, NY
  • Developed integration test suite to simultaneously test both and Flash video players
  • Developed system to mirror private SVN source repositories to GitHub with filtering of insecure revisions
  • Supported developers with Kaltura integrations through IRC, forums, and in person
  • Co-Organized How to JavaScript meetup with 2000 members
  • Developed and administered http://html5video.org
  • Developed Google Wave video playback module

Community Organization

Co-Created Jackson’s Jackson Area Web and Mobile Developers meetup

Co-Organized Manhattan’s How to JavaScript meetup with 2000 members

Current Projects

ryzo.me is an in browser p2p data propagation backend for sharing queryable serverfree protobuf messages.

Congress Hotline is a Twilio backed Express app with a touch tone interface that helps people to search for their congressional representatives by entering their zip code and connects them to each representative in turn.


References are available upon request

Alice Davis

San Francisco, CA

Work Samples

p2p, identity, encryption

Scrapes google trends for trending news stories in all available countries and attepts to access those stories from vpn connections around the world to detect active censorship

Node.js, PhantomJS, scraper

Scrapes google trends for trending news stories in all available countries and attepts to access those stories from vpn connections around the world to detect active censorship