• Encrypted Root Partition on Raspberry Pi 3+

    For a long time I have wanted to setup a Raspberry Pi to use as a development machine. The first attempts I made a few years ago were not successful using a Raspberry Pi B (the machine was barely able to run chromium, much less an npm watch command and a web inspector). But these days, a Raspberry Pi 3+ is serviceable as a daily use development machine.

  • Squashing a Git Repository to a Single Commit

    1) Rebase the repository to 2 commits

  • MTOS Progress Report

    For More Info

  • Estimated Cost of Prototype Little Library Checkout System

    A friend who works in outreach for a municipal library system asked me if I knew of any methods for checking out and checking in books from their depository libraries. I really didn’t know what a depository library was, but once it was explained that it was an unstaffed library where patrons remove and deposit books without officially checking them out, I remembered reading about Little Free Libraries, and then spent an afternoon piecing together the components I’d buy to equip these libraries with NFC readers to catalog checkin and checkout.

  • Echoing an Image to the Terminal Using xTerm's 256 Colors

    terminal picture

  • Remove All Advertisements for OpenWRT wifi clients with Privoxy

    Privoxy is an ad removing proxy that disallows your web browser from accessing content located on ad networks for both ad display and browser tracking. Normal setup involves changing your web browser’s proxy settings to point to privoxy on port 8118, but it can be installed on routers like OpenWRT to transparently block all advertising for all clients connecting to the internet through that router.

  • Imagemagick Favicon One-Liner

    convert $SOURCE_IMAGE -bordercolor white -border 0 \ \( -clone 0 -resize 16x16 \) \ \( -clone 0 -resize 32x32 \) \ \( -clone 0 -resize 48x48 \) \ \( -clone 0 -resize 64x64 \) \ -delete 0 -alpha off -colors 256 favicon.ico

  • Git Subtree Ready Reference

    Git Subtrees allow easily tracking and contributing to remote repositories. The advantage over submodules is that the tracked subdirectory is contained within the current repository repository history so no initialization and update cycle is required when cloning the project. Additionally, the history of the subtree may be fully tracked or squashed.

  • Starting Over With Blogging

    i’m starting over with blogging. i don’t know what i’m going to write about, i don’t know how often i’m going to write, but i feel i’ve reached a place where i’m not terrified of stating my opinions on … things.

  • EME Has Landed, Run for Your Life

    UPDATE: i have been confused by multiple uses of CDM { Content Delivery Manager | Content Decryption Module } on w3c lists. please substitute “CDM” with “DRM server” in the notes below.